Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baked Kookies

I have decided to make a BLOG just for family. Baked Kookies..... So if you are interested in our family happenings please check it out... I will no longer be posting family matters here. I will leave this Blog just for scrapbooking and things scrapbooking related... Hope to see you over there...

Have a great day!!!

Goodbye Green!!

How do you say goodbye to an animal friend? The other day we found "Green" in his cage cuddled in the corner. He got too cold... So sad!! What will "Blue" do now?? "Blue" is the other bird Tate's Grandpa Wendell gave him 4 years ago.. Even the cat knew something was up. He was lying by the cage looking into it when we found "Green"..

Tate took it very well.. When I told him that one of his birds had gone to heaven he said, "Now JaCee will have a bird in heaven to play with"..

We buried Green in the backyard and marked his "grave" with a little bird statue. Tate put some flowers on the ground and said, "Now we will visit you here, instead of in the house".. I think he will handle these kinds of things better than I ever will..

Bye "Green" you and your little chirps will be missed greatly.

They Won!!

Yay! They won the wedding how exciting for them... Thanks to everyone (Shannon & Amanda) that helped them win their dream wedding...

Amanda won the prize.. Shannon will get something fun too!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Help a Fellow Scrapbooker out...

Have you ever wanted to give someone a dream wedding? Well, here's your chance and it won't cost you a penny. It won't even cost you your information (they don't ask for it)... All you have to do is follow this link and vote. You can vote every 12 minutes. So just take a few seconds and vote.. It's fun and everybody's doin' it Ha, Ha... If you are so inclined, you can vote as many times as you want (well, every 12 minutes)...

I know it looks like she has a lot of votes, but the person behind her is creeping up fast and threatens to take her lead..

After you vote, come back here and post a comment in this post and I will pick a random winner for a prize(scrapbook stuff)on June 20th... YAY!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

JaCee's Birthday!!

Well, she would have been 9 today (and we should have had a girlie Birthday party)... I know it's been almost five years but it's still so hard to think about.. I miss her so much!!! All of her little girlfriends have moved out of the neighborhood... One of the hardest things to think about is "what should have been"....

Roy went and picked up a cake... You can't have a birthday without a cake, right??... You don't want to sing "Happy" Birthday either... This is something that will always hurt and I'm afraid the pain will never go away. I feel like I'm getting farther and farther away from her and there is nothing I can do about it... We miss you JaCee, so very much!!

Please remember to always drive safely so others might be spared this pain!!

We love you JaCee and wherever you are in Heaven "Happy Birthday"!!!